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Community Support

All of us at recognised and acknowledged our responsibility to the wider community. We can't support everything, but in the past have supported the following:


Annual "Children in Need" Events

Every year, we donate money to the following 4 events that provide some relief and ongoing support for various needy children in and around Perth:

  • World Festival of Magic
  • WA Special Needs Childrens Christmas Party
  • Annual Quirkus Circus for unfortunate children
  • Christmas Children's Film Festival

Paraplegic Benefit Fund

PBF's mission is to reduce the incidence and impact of spinal cord injury. Its main objectives are to ease the financial trauma of a member (all staff have membership paid by the company), through provision of the PBF member benefit payment, should an accident leave them paralysed. PBF also provides and funds prevention programs, finances unmet and critical needs, through the PBF gift program, when no other funding is available, improving the quality of life of persons with spinal disability. (for more information:

 e Group

eGroup WA Association

A not for profit Association, which encourages internet entrepreneurs in WA to share information and nurture new businesses (see eGroup web site). CoFounder & MD of was the Founding President, the other coFounder is a member.


Graduate Management Association

Both CoFounders are members, with one being the ex-Treasurer and the other the ex President (both unpaid positions); this association provides excellent networking and ongoing professional development opportunities for MBA graduands & current students (see GMA web site). We also sponsor their annual golf day.

As well as making donations and getting involved personally in the above causes, is also committed to:

  • a safe, fair and fun professional working environment for all staff & management,
  • high quality innovative products & services,
  • excellent customer service at all times,
  • and the best possible returns for all staff, clients, owners, partners, suppliers and management.


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