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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow private sellers on your web site?
Our customers are professionals in the property & related businesses, so we do not allow private sellers onto our site.
Do houses really sell off the web?
People will still have to contact the real estate agents and go inside houses to check them out, but increasingly more and more people use the 'Net for searching initially. Our agents tell us they are selling houses to people making enquiries off the web. 70%+ of all enquiries come off the Net, and 91% of home buyers go first to the web to do their searching - it's just much more convenient. But they will always go through an agent to view the house and do the actual buying. The Web helps to qualify buyers, so the agent has more time for customers.
How do you find a property on the site?
Hit the "for sale" or "for rent" link on our home page (or the top bar above), and choose from the pull-down menus to filter what you want. OR enter a desired street/suburb or any keyword into the search box top right.
Can you find me a property?
Simply sign up for the FREE "Aussiehomehunt" service, on the homepage (click here for the link), and we'll email you matching properties every week (Friday 2pm WST). We can also send you new alerts the minute the property is entered.
What are the rules for non-residents for buying property in Australia?
Australia welcomes people living outside the country to purchase homes, apartments and property - for more information, please click here.
How up to date is the property information on your site?
The information has to be up to date or it's not all that useful. We have various quality checks and update alerts to ensure the information is valid. We have also provided our customers with an effective system which allows agents to keep properties current in real-time. If you find anything that is not up to date, please let us know.
How do I contact the agent to buy/rent a property?
Their mobile, phone, fax, email information is all clearly displayed on the property page. You can even fill out a form which goes to them as an email. If they have not contacted you within 72 hours, you can let us know (we send you a reminder about this to see if they have responded to you).
I can't load (or print) the suburb trend charts?
You need the "Virtual Machine" (which used to come as part of MS browsers) to load the charts. You can download this for free from the Sun Java Systems web site (click the "Get It Now" button on the right hand side of this page).

the charts are created by java applet "on the fly" so cannot be printed. To get around this, take a "screen shot" (hit the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard) and paste into photo software.

Why do some suburbs not appear on the pull-down choices?
ONLY suburbs with properties for sale/rent on our site appear (so as not to waste your time in searching).
I see you have your own TV show now – do people pay to get on here, what’s the deal?
NO, it’s FREE!
When we commissioned the TV show, we did not want it to turn into some cheesy informercial for property – we wanted to explore the real estate market, talk to people involved and produce shows of genuine interest to the property buying, renting, selling public. If you have any ideas for future shows, do contact us.

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