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All of us at would like to thank our web site users for the time and trouble they have taken to write in with comments, especially the great feedback regarding our new look web site (which went live on 1st April 2010).

Here is a selection of some unsolicited emails we've received recently ...

"… So far, is the best website we have found on property search…. "
Jasmine, Singapore
" Fantastic site. Easy to navigate with nice layout... "
" I think the new site is more inviting. Easy to use as was the old, but in some way brighter or more interesting. Either way easy to navigate, very well laid out with a wealth of information. I like it."
" I always thought your old site was the best, user friendly, quick etc, but I must say this new one has just outdone the lot. It's great, thanks for making life a little easier."
Grace, Perth
" I like the new look and found it very easy to move around and find what I was looking for"
Laura, Perth
" I think it has a fresh new feel about it and it is easier to use. "
Will, Perth
" Much more easier to navigate around! The layout is more user friendly and modern. Good job! "
Chantal, Perth
" The site is user-friendly, uncluttered and responding fast. Good maps are very important, too. Overall, great improvement, from good to better to best. "
Julia, Perth
" Looks pretty good although I never found anything wrong with your old site. Your page is good all round "
Ron, Perth
" I must commend you on your website, it's excellent. We're staying in South Africa and will be immigrating soon. Your website has been so informative by allowing us to view properties, and familiarising ourselves as to which suburb we would be able to afford to stay in and where our children can attend school. We've been in contact with estate agents from your website and they have been very helpful too. Thanks again. "
Susan, from South Africa
" Congratulations on a great site. I regularly use your WA suburb charts and find them very useful "
Jim, Perth
" I'm from Kansas and used your site while I was there; now I use it everyday as I live in Sydney - thanks guys! "
Christie, Sydney
" I've been using your site to look for a house for 6 months or so, and love it. Today have just seen the changes you have made, and you have made a brilliant site even better - fantastic! Streets ahead of any other competitor - quicker, clearer, more detail, and no advertising. I worked in IT development for many years, and know exactly what it's like - beavering away on new releases and wondering if anyone will notice!!! So it is nice to know that sometimes, someone does!! "
Claire, WA
" I am more than impressed with this site it is amazing!! Now I am even more convinced to start my own thing what ever that is ! How great a product you guys have developed. Well done !! "
Shaun, WA
" An excellent web site. I will continue to use it and recommend it to all i know "
David, WA
" We have been using this site for 6 months now and have found it to be far and away the best real estate website we have seen and we have a number of friends here in the UK in a similar position to us who also spend a lot of time on (Subsequently bought property at auction from overseas having found it on "
Graham, UK
" Your website is really insightful and helpful for home buyers. "
Sally, Singapore
" I am an avid user of your website, great site, keep up the good work :) "
Eugene, Perth
" I am an avid user of the site and would like to congratulate you on the service. It is excellent. "
Colin, Perth
" I would just like to say that I think this is an excellent website. I am currently living in Melbourne and trying to buy a house in Perth and this site has made it so much easier. Thanks! "
Melanie, Melbourne
" Just want to say your site is great and is a great help to me. Presently I'm in Europe and returning to Perth begin September, so this gives me a chance to look at the market, Sales & Rentals. Keep up the good work. "
Pieter, Netherlands
" ... Like your site a lot! "
Kevin, Perth
" ... guess where I thought to look whan I knew I was returning from London to Perth next month. Love the layout and format. Well done! "
William, UK
" This website gets better and better. Congratulations. "
Maree, UK
" First of all may I congratulate on your first class web site ... a real pleasure to surf it. I am a Director of a UK International Property Sales company specialising primarily in Spain, Portugal and Florida. "
Steve, UK
" I think your site is fantastic. We live in Scotland and are planning to migrate later this year, however still debating where to settle. "
Lorraine, Scotland
" Good luck with your future ... I'm sure it will only add to an already great site. "
Andy, UK
" My wife and I have been using your site extensively over the last month or so while looking for a house -- we love it, and we much appreciate what you're doing, as it suits our needs perfectly... Keep up the good work! "
Matt, Perth
" And well done on an excellent website. I don't think I would have even considered Marlow Street, if I hadn't seen it on your website. A number of my friends have also purchased properties that they saw on your website, so you are obviously doing a good job there!!"
Andrea, Wembley
" great site for info. Interactive map is excellent! "
" love your site. best on the net in terms of features - yet you know that don't you ... maps are great "
" i am involved in real estate in los angeles. i think what you have is an excellent website and an excellent idea. your price graphs and how they plot are excellent. i think you are ahead of your time. "
Ross, Los Angeles, CA, USA
" The site is working flawlessly. I love the idelve interactive map and find that it is the best resourse for real estate I have ever used. I am very impressed. My wife and I are moving back to Australia within the next 18 months, and it's great for following pricing trends for the different communities. "
" I can honestly say that your website is miles ahead of the rest in terms of ease of use and quantity of information. You've obviously put in the hard yards and are reaping the rewards! Just want to comment on how fantastic your website is and how pleased I am to have found it!! My husband and I are moving to Perth in May 2003, so I have been checking out what rental accommodation is like in Perth. Your website is so easy to find my way around, and the "map" and "within 5 km" icons are a dream!!. The whole website really gives me a good insight into the different suburbs in Perth, helping us to decide where to rent. I am confident that this is the only website I will need to make a decision on a suitable rental property. Well done!! "
Kerry, South Australia
" I have been watching your maps for over a year and think they are bloody marvellous. Congrats "

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