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News continues to garner good attention in the press (long may it continue), and for that we thank our friends in the industry to providing positive stories on Australia's independent real estate web site business.

Below is a selection of stories about us in the media, radio and TV interviews stretching back to the first article which went on on the first day our web site was launched (6th December 1999)...

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22nd July 2010
REIWA moves to new space Mark Pownall, WA Business News ....more

3rd April 2010
"Website a First"
Inside Real Estate, The West Australian Newspaper

21st January 2010
"No safety net on the big stage"
by Mark Pownail, WA Business News

21st January 2010
"eGroup a voice For Industry"
by Russell Quinn, WA Business News

15th December 2009
"Click go the years and it's cause for celebration"
by Jane Evans, Western Suburbs Weekly celebrates its 10-year milestone, with 11,000 hits a day.. ....more

13th December 2009
"Real Pioneers"
by Mara Fox, Sunday Times Readers Mart celebrates its 10-year milestone at the Cambridge Bowling Club, Floreat. ....more

20th August 2009
" Google in online space"
by Russell Quinn, WA Business News

  Charlie Gunningham featured in article about Google's entry into online real estate market ....more

1st August 2009
" WA business finds it's not too hard to make a twit of yourself"
The West Australian ....more

1st July 2009
" Asbury Joins "
WA Business News
We welcome Sarah to our team here at ....more

21st April 2009
" Sharing Research in Cystic Fibrosis "
WA Business News develop an innovative ‘not for profit’ website & system ....more

21st October 2008
" Smart operator on rise "
Residential, Western Suburbs Weekly wins a Smart Company Award 2008....more

14th October 2008
" Smart company award for aussiehome "
The Stirling Times wins a Smart Company Award 2008....more

12th September 2008
" wins Smart Company Award - only WA company to do so "
Smart Company
Story and pictures from the Awards ceremony in Melbourne...more

21st August 2008
" Online Business "
WA Business News Front Cover
The dotcom era might have left its scars, but real businesses have emerged
from the internet. We talk to some local pioneers...more

21st August 2008
" Distance - friend or foe in the virtual world? "
WA Business News, Online Business Forum
By Mark Pownall - did benefit from setting up in isolated Perth in 1999?...more

21st August 2008
" Adapting to a changed dynamic "
WA Business News, Online Business Forum
By Mark Pownall - what effects does the internet have on business? ...more

21st August 2008
" Don't become a technology dinosaur "
WA Business News, Online Business Forum
By Mark Pownall - are online businesses a separate type of business? ...more

21st June 2008
" What works on the web? "
ABC radio interview
Charlie Gunningham interviewed on Saturday Breakfast with James Lush ...more

2nd June 2008
" Nine years on, is proof that buying on the web can work "
Residential, Western Suburbs Weekly
by Andrew Gregory, Editor ...more
26th July 2007
" Tomorrow starts here " The Weekend Australian Magazine MD Charlie Gunningham features in UWA Business School ad ...more

26th July 2007
" Find it, even if you don't know north from south " Joondalup Times's first to market 'Travel Directions' mapping application ...more

31st May - 6th June 2007
" Online Support a Capital Idea " WA Business News makes front cover in Report on WA Online Businesses ...more

15th-21st March 2007
" $5mn for " WA Business News
Charlie Gunningham interview ...more
7th February 2006
" Media Motivators Podcast " Media Motivators
How do you take an idea and turn it into a business reality? ...more

18th December 2006
" Charlie Gunningham's Interview " ABC Drive radio Director Charlie Gunningham was interviewed on ABC Drive radio by James Lush...more

12th December 2006
" What price property research? " Western Suburbs Weekly researches the link between suburb property prices and internet searching ... more

1st December 2006
" Tips from an internet expert " REIWA News Director gives advice to REIWA members on web design ... more

17th September 2006
"Google Eyes" Prestige Property, Sunday Times
Google Maps have been added to ... more

July 1st and 2nd 2006
"Perth residential rentals showing signs of fatigue" Australian Financial Review statistics quoted in article on the state of Perth rental market ... more

April 28th 2006
"Perth market needs listings" Australian Financial Review statistics quoted in article on the state of Perth property market ... more

April 23rd 2006
"Net Interest" Sunday Times, real estate lift out statistics reveals a relatively tight property market ... more

Jakarta, January 2006
"Fast Access to World of Properties" Transaksi Properti's Jakarta JV,, gains its first press coverage ... more
1st December 2005
"Without my MBA..." director features in UWA Business School ad campaign
WA Business News ... more

29th September 2005
"Net Alliance the Right Link" WA Business News ... more

22nd September 2005
"Alliance of Top WA Real Estate Internet Sites" Joint Media Release ... more

28th July 2005
"Passion plays its part" WA Business News ... more

9th to 16th June 2005
"Flightless angels" Business Review Weekly ... more

4th May 2005
"Site scraping scrap claims page's scalp" The West Australian ... more

31st March to 6th April 2005
"The Start-up Megastars"... makes the BRW Upstarts List
Top 40 Australian start-up companies (2000 to 2004)
Business Review Weekly: more
10th October 2004
"40 under 40 - Past Winner" WA Business News ... more

26th August 2004
"Boat brokers' portal to the virtual world" WA Business News ... more

20th August 2004
" Searches and Finds the SubiacoCity Team" ... more

12th August 2004
"for the record: Awards" WA Business News ... more

21st July 2004
" IT Manager wins Early Career Awards 2004!" ... more

6th May 2004
"Paws for a Cause" The Stirling Times ... more

14th Apr 2004
Letter from Premier Dr Geoff Gallop MLA ... more

1st February 2004
"Jumping out of the box" The Sunday Times, Prestige Properties, by Jennie Fitzhardinge ... more

24th January 2004
" thinks "out of the box"" The West Australian, by Kelly Girdlestone ... more
7th November 2003
"Capacity Crowd Learns From Successful MBA graduates" Graduate School of Management (UWA) News ... more (pdf - 77KB)

22nd October 2003
"Firm homes in" Western Suburbs Weekly story on being WA Industry Awards State Finalist ... more

5th October 2003
"Homes dotcom grows" Sunday Times story on opening in Melbourne ... more

30th September 2003
" made State Finalist in Industry & Export Awards" Finalist Ceremony ... more

18th September 2003
"New real estate mapping service launched" Ecommerce Centre case study, Dept of Industry & Resources ... more

28th August 2003
" takes maps to market" WA Business News ... more

24th August 2003
"On the map" Prestige Property, The Sunday Times ... more

August 2003
"Aussie Rules" Homes Overseas Magazine ... more

20th July 2003 made State Finalist at Telstra Small Business Awards ... more

9th March 2003
"A Mouse for the House" Sunday Times, Prestige Properties ... more

19th February 2003 co-founder Charlie Gunningham wins 40under40 Award WA Business News ... more

13th February 2003
" redraws the map" WA Business News ... more

24th January 2003
"It's a dotcom, it's fun... and it's profitable" Graduate School of Management advertisement, UWA ... more (pdf - 169KB)
5th November 2002
" eyes east" The West Australian... more

24th October 2002
WA Business News reports on IT&T Awards:
"Innovation puts locals ahead of the IT pack" WA Business News ... more
"Across the Board Success" WA Business News ... more

21st October 2002
" wins Most Innovative IT Business Award and People’s Choice Award" E-Commerce Centre ... more (offsite)

20th October 2002
"Award for home info on the dot" feature story The Sunday Times ... more

11th October 2002 wins two categories at Asia Pacific ICT (Information, Communication & Technology) Awards 2002 ... more
Most Innovative IT Business    People's Choice Award

22nd July 2002
" take online real estate to new heights" Ecommerce Centre case study, Dept of Industry & Resources ... more

14th July 2002
"Migrants boost sale of homes" feature story The Sunday Times ... more

28th June 2002 features as real estate portal case study e-commerce today (pdf - 928KB)

31th May 2002
"Hot Property" feature story The Sunday Times ... more

25th May 2002 - news
20,000th property entered on! The 20,000th was a property from Brockway Real Estate (Fremantle). Congratulations to Rosa Allegretta (Brockway Receptionist) seen here with her 2 bottles of champagne - courtesy of

22nd April 2002
"Graduates map out their careers" UWA News Letter ... more (pdf - 566KB)

27th February to 28th February 2002
Together with our new mapping partner, Amristar, we were invited to present at the annual WALIS Forum at the Burswood International Resort & Casino, Perth. The Forum brings together the leading lights in the Australian GIS industry (Geographic Information Systems) ... more (offsite)

25th January 2002
"Delving into an increasingly complex world on the web" WA Business News ... more
18th December 2001
"Researchers match data to aerial maps" The West Australian ... more
"New interactive map takes Perth real estate by storm" Ecommerce Centre case study, Dept of Industry & Resources ...more

16th December 2001
" leading online home hunt" The Sunday Times ... more

14th December 2001
" & alliance partner Amristar launch aussiedelve! an interactive mapping solution using the revolutionary i-delve technology ... more

8th October 2001
" showcased at OZRI 2001" ESRI Conference ... more

9th August 2001
"Businesses urged to get with the program" WA Business News ... more

15th July 2001
"Real Estate Top Tips" The Sunday Times ... more

22nd June 2001
"Putting 'The Life' into the Western Suburbs " launches a full colour property magazine ... more

20th June 2001
" delivers Dynamic Suburb Price Charts to Real  Estate Institute of Victoria" ... more

6th April 2001
Finalists in the WAITTA 2001 - In the Online Award Category up against the web design heavyweights of Perth ... more

22nd March 2001
"Perth Net home finder sets up shop in Melbourne" WA Business News ... more
13th to 18th December 2000
"Christmas - Who's done what" Perth Weekly ... more

7th to 13th December 2000
"Perth real estate site to tackle east" WA Business News ... more

Council on the Ageing, 3rd November 2000
"Hi Tech Seniors Have Their Say" .. more

11th November 2000
" in fund hunt" WA Business News ... more

1st November 2000
" Singapore Capital Raising" ... more

Singapore, "e", CNBC Asia, 22-24th September 2000
" shares the spotlight in a property-related show" CNBC Asia ... more

Singapore, 31st August 2000
"Virtual ease in buying Perth homes" The Business Times, Singapore ... more

July/August/September 2000
"'s Award-winning GIS platform" ESRI Australia Update ...

Winter 2000
"Home Sales Success on the Internet" Hegney Property News, Issue No. 3. ... more (pdf - 7109KB)

30th June 2000
"DOLA Data used to create Award-winning E-Commerce site" Department of Land Administration ... more

27th June 2000
"Who's Moving:" Who's Moving ... more

23rd June 2000
"Best E-Commerce Site in Town" The Perth Real Estate Guide ... more

15th June 2000
"New team celebrates home win" WA Business News ... more

23rd May 2000
"WA Real estate idea takes out IT Award" The West Australian ... more

23rd May 2000
"Real estate web site a winner" Department of Commerce and Trade ... more

16th May 2000
" New Comer's Upset Win" 2000 Asia Pacific IT & T Awards ... more

26th April 2000
"Buying into home pages" Perth Weekly ... more

22nd April 2000
"Property" Voice News ... more

20th April 2000
" forms alliance" WA Business News ... more

20th April 2000
"Executive on the move." WA Business News ... more

17th March 2000
" select opensearch as e-commerce alliance partner" ... more

11th February 2000
"Finding That Property" The Perth Real Estate Guide ... more

15th January 2000
"eTruths -- first hand advice for Internet start-ups!" Ecommerce Centre case study, Dept of Industry & Resources ...more
9th December to 15th December, 1999
"Resources skills applied to real estate" WA Business News ... more

6th December, 1999
"WA home search firm maps out Net future" The West Australian ... more

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