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OpenSearch Pty. Ltd. today announced that it has accepted an offer from to undertake all E-commerce development on the Web site. Under this agreement, OpenSearch will become the technology partner to for all E-commerce related projects for a period of one year. is a Web portal using a map-based interface, initially concentrating on the Australian real estate market. This latest agreement allows to plan its E-commerce strategies using Perth's best IT talents. With Australia's IT skills shortage still a concern, initiated negotiations to build a relationship with OpenSearch, Perth's leading IT solution provider, for the provision of consulting and technical services relating to E-commerce backend development, hosting and Internet connectivity.

Negotiations was initiated shortly after OpenSearch completed deployment of the Transaction Engine to enable the sales of Valuer General's Office (VGO) housing data on the Web site. The system enabled to leverage the growing popularity of the Web site to generate revenue through the sales of housing data supplied by the VGO.

This latest deal is in line with OpenSearch's planned expansion for Australia and the Asian region in 2000. OpenSearch have aspirations of pushing its set of solutions out to the booming Asian market during 2000. "Several deals are currently under negotiation that we're confident will materialise" said Chee Wong, Marketing Manager at OpenSearch. "We are attracting leads from just about every country we step into, I think that speaks loud and clear about our superb technical and innovative abilities."

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