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The interactive internet site ( provides local information about Perth’s suburbs using computer map making skills developed for the resources industry.

The company founders, former Hale School Head of Commerce, Charlie Gunningham and Swiss Investment Banker, Nick Streuli are recent graduates of the MBA program at the University of Western Australia. Director Charlie Gunningham says the site uses digitally-created interactive suburb maps based on Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to display all the information required for consumers to make a home purchase or rental decisions. After Vancouver, Perth has more GIS expertise than any other city and this is the first time it has been applied to provide information at a local level.

"It’s a really simple idea, a web site that shows all the local information people need to find their dream home on maps of Perth’s western suburbs".

The site is the first to provide the locations of everything that might be useful to potential home buyers, including schools, hospitals, sports centres.

At present, the maps cover 148 of Perth’s premier suburbs and the company will be adding new suburbs every month. "Entry to the site is free. You don’t need a password, login or even give anyone your e-mail address. You can just surf the "virtual city" we have created," said Nick Streuli.

"While the world is rushing to go global, we’re going local. aims to be the leading local information provider," said Gunningham.

Courtesy of: The Perth Real Estate guide, 11th February 2000. page 23.

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