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A world-first map-based Neighbourhood Guide, launched in Perth in December 1999, has grown to cover more than 700 properties in the inner northern suburbs.

With an office in Nedlands, has grown to showcase properties of 40 real estate agencies. The interactive internet site is unique, providing local information about Perth’s suburbs using computer map making skills developed for the resources industry. 

The site uses digitally created interactive suburb maps based on geographical information systems to display all the information required for consumers to make a home purchase or rental decisions. 

It is the first of its kind to provide the locations of everything that might be useful to potential homebuyers, including schools, hospitals and sports centres. Entry to the site is free, and you don’t need a password, login or email address, but can simply surf the “virtual city” at your leisure.

At present, has maps covering over 238 of Perth suburbs, from Joondalup to Munster and across to the hills. 

For further information, visit and see for yourself.

Voice News, April 22, 2000

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