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for sale (2158) | new (11) | auctions (71) | home opens (64) | alerts delivers Dynamic Suburb Price Charting to the Real Estate Institute of Victoria
Story... is honoured to supply the Real Estate Institute of Victoria with its Dynamic Suburb Trend Chart module for inner-city & suburban Melbourne.

Here's how it works..!

Compare the Median Price Changes and/or Percentage Price Changes of home sales for up to five suburbs on one graph.

Data goes back to March 1998, and is updated quarterly.
Add suburbs to see overlays and comparisons.


1. Click on a suburb in either of the "Median Prices" or "% Increase" pull-down menus.
2. Then hit the "See Chart!" grey button.
3. Wait a few seconds, and your chart appears.
4. To add another suburb on top, hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard down and then click another suburb from either pull-down menu, and hit the "See Chart!" button again.
5. Keep adding suburbs, up to 5 on each pull-down menu. If it all gets too confusing and messy, hit the "Clear All" button to start again!

To view the Charts, click here

20th June 2001.

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