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New interactive map takes Perth real estate by storm

Internet users and potential real estate buyers or tenants will be able to use a revolutionary interactive map of Perth to view properties on the local market.

Perth-based real estate search service launched the service on December 17, which will allow users to quickly zoom in and out of suburbs, checking out properties as they go.

It is fast and intuitive to use, even over traditionally slow modem connections. The technology has the potential to transform the way aerial and satellite photographs are viewed on the internet.

The map is powered by i-delve, a technology developed in Perth by local company Amristar. i-delve allows users to interactively explore maps by using an intelligent interface that transfers only the parts of the map that the user is exploring at any given moment.

Other technology allows users to pan in and out of images, but cannot superimpose vector information, according to Dr Paul Williams, a designer of i-delve.

"Sending all of the data at once would be very slow. Allowing users to move around and zoom in and out even while the map is being downloaded helps them to find what they are looking for faster," Dr Williams said.

Co-founder of, Charlie Gunningham said that i-delve was being labeled as 'revolutionary' by international observers.

"We believe that providing an easy way of navigating thousands of sale and rental properties will have huge benefits," Mr Gunningham said.

For more information, see a demonstration of i-delve at or

Source: Ecommerce Centre case study, Dept of Industry & Resources

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