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Written by Julie-anne Sprague

MultiMap in action on

REAL estate multimedia developer is poised to expand significantly on the back of a deal signed last week with UK mapping developer MultiMap.

MultiMap recently acquired mapping data for Australia and, because of an exclusivity licence has with MultiMap, will be able to map regions across the country for the real estate industry.

According to director Charlie Gunningham, the agreement is a significant achievement for the four-year old company.

"MultiMap have bought the data for the whole of the country, the first foreign company to do so, but it will be a week or two before we see the first map," Mr Gunningham said.

"One of MultiMap’s employees now works for us and he will be developing the Australian data into maps.

"We were limited in Perth but now we can go to any site in the country. We have an exclusive licence to use this for the real estate industry.

"We can break out of Perth and now put this technology on any site even those we do not host, and that is pretty exciting.

"We have been talking with MultiMap for a year now." has developed 50 Internet sites for real estate clients, nine of which are utilising Perth maps.

"Those we approached liked the technology, no-one said no to it. Those companies can now get updated maps," Mr Gunningham said. "We have customers in Margaret River and even Melbourne, but we have not been able to offer them mapping.

"I believe the growth will be pretty big. MultiMap has got the dataset for the whole country and one of our employees is moving to Sydney to expand our operations." also had received interest from international real estate agents.

"We are talking to people in Singapore, it’s a large agency that want to use our system," Mr Gunningham said.

Courtesy of the WA Business News 13/02/03

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