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Foreign Currency Information

When you are moving your funds to Australia, we suggest you consider OzForex, a foreign exchange specialist. They offer extremely competitive rates of exchange and lower fees than you would see with banks and other providers, so your money goes further. They can also provide you with advice & hedging tools in order to assist you in managing the volatility of the foreign exchange markets.

To exchange and send your funds with OzForex you simply click here and from there register to access their rates and on-line trading platform, alternatively you can contact Jillian Kirwan-Lee on email or phone 0410 404 707. If you are in Australia you can phone free call 1300 300 424 which will put you through to one of their Dealers 24 hours a day 5 days a week.

OzForex, The OzForex group is one of the world’s leading online foreign exchange providers and a strategic investment of Macquarie, the Carlyle Group and Accel Partners has been operating since 1998 and currently have more than 25,000 dealing clients globally. They process over 10,000 deals monthly and have an annual turnover of more than AUD 2 billion dollars.

They also have an Australian Financial Services Licence (number 226 484 ) and an MLR number (12219180)

OzForex Foreign Exchange Transfers OzForex Foreign Exchange Transfers OzForex Foreign Exchange Transfers OzForex Foreign Exchange Transfers

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